• Custom Application Development, Web or Notes client
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Workflow Design and Implementation
  • eCommerce
  • Small Office Infrastructure: network, server, email, web, security


We are located in Charleston South Carolina, and have delivered applications locally and internationally.

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Application Development

Ballard Information Management was formed in 2000 to provide hosted email and application services to smaller Real Estate companies. Using Lotus Domino and iNotes (Domino Web Access), a virtual office was formed with an associated set of business applications that has been continually developed.

Since the start-up, Ballard-Group has added significant skills in integrating different environments, in order to provide customers with a central and consistent place to access disparate information. Systems that have been intergrated include Multiple Listing Service text and pictures, MaxDB and MySQL databases, SAP R/3 and BI systems, Oracle and MS SQL servers.

Workflow applications combine ERP data, Organization structure data, and Organizational policy rules together, so they may be used to build robust applications that significantly increase employee productivity, and ensure processes are completed accurately.

Ballard-Group has built a number of workflow applications that have significantly improved productivity. By embedding corporate knowledge into applications, many benefits can be realized. All too often in manual processes, some decision points are required 'short-circuited', or are lost in an inbox. Workflow applications provide a consistent path for decisions so they may be made in a timely fashion, providing documented signatures and supporting information, as well as helping new employees learn processes and policies, aiding in business process re-eingineering initiatives, and many other benefits.

Enterprise Integration

Skills integrating business systems are sometimes difficult to find. Interfaces have to be carefully planned and the project must be managed appropriately. Many different skill sets might be required for a single interface.

The goal of enterprise integration (EI) is to provide timely and accurate exchange of consistent information between business functions to support strategic and tactical business goals in a manner that appears to be seamless.

We have built many productive applications that required data from a number of Enterprise Systems. Integrating the information from disparate systems can be architected in many ways, so the specific solution must be otimized between the busniess benefits and the costs of implementing and on-going administration. Some of the systems we have integrated include:

  • SAP R6 BAPI and RFC
  • SAP BI / Netweaver
  • XPPS
  • Access, MS SQL, MySQL, MaxDB
  • LDAP, Scripting, Linux, Windows
If you have any need for custom software development on the Lotus Domino platform we would certainly like to help build your interfaces or workflow applications.